Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lunch at the Orange Circle

Had another day trip to one of my favorite local areas, the Orange Circle. I had bought one of my beloved Groupon deals for an extra discount at Watson's Drugstore. Since my mother had the week off thanks to Thanksgiving I figured what a better time then to enjoy a few hours pretending it's the 1950's.

We split an amazing chef salad and curly fries, accompanied by cream soda... one of my favorite diner indulgences. She treated herself to some pumpkin ice cream for dessert, unfortunately I was too stuffed to partake but I did manage a bite or two...

After eating we hit a few of the regular antique malls and I even found a lovely Elvis record to add to the collection and a pink wicker purse, which happens to be one of my obsessions at the moment and for less then $20 and on sale I couldn't say no.

I still have to make time to make one more trip before the year's end to enjoy all the lovely Christmas decorations. It really is so quaint and beautiful around there.

Outfit Details:
Top: Savers $3
Skirt: Elle, Kohls $24
Sunglasses: Amazon $7
Bag: Peace Ribbon Project, Goodwill $5

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Fashion Inspirations

One of the unfortunate things about living in Southern California is our lack of seasons. Yes, it's true the weather is lovely most of the year which is a blessing, but I love the changing of seasons, especially when it comes to Autumn and Winter.

So even if it's just wishful thinking I've been googling some vintage ads of colder weather clothing just to torture myself. And then you look at the prices and you die all over again.

I want every single one of these, I still want a personal seamstress.

I guess for now I'll just have to settle with throwing on a stole and hat on particularly chilly days.