Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finally, A Trip to The Hollywood Museum

Early this month I was very excited to hear a friend of mine from out of the country would be in the Hollywood area for just one day and I was so pleased to get to spend some time with her. Although I didn't have too much time to think of something amazing to do I figured we could adventure to some of the tourist spots in my own backyard I never found time to visit.

So on the agenda for the day I decided to finally see something that had been on my bucket list for ages, the Hollywood Museum. I had purchased a handy dandy groupon a month or two before and since my visitor and I are both huge movie aficionados this seemed like the perfect place to start.

I have heard for years about the beautiful lobby and 'rooms' of the old historic Max Factor building that makes up the entry to what is now the Hollywood Museum and they certainly lived up to the exaggeration. I picked up so many future home furnishing ideas! ;)

Besides just the gorgeous-beyond-words entryway the connecting rooms are all significant places to any fan of Old Hollywood starlets. Including the Blondes Only room where Marilyn first became a blonde, and The Redheads Only room, where the irreplaceable Lucille Ball became a redhead.

As we continued back further into the museum we found walls covered in head shots of all my favorite movie stars of the past, props from films and frames upon frames full of autographs.

Continuing upstairs they had tons of interesting things to see from Hollywood years of the past. During my visit the rotating exhibit was based on the lovely Loretta Young, who I cannot say I'm super familiar with although I've seen one or two of her films. Her collection was so lovely, I was inspired to add some of her films to my Netflix queue once I got home that night.

Some of the other interesting items on display upstairs were costumes from Moulin Rogue, a robe worn by the always dreamy Elvis and the suit worn by the one and only superhero who owns my heart, Superman. We had fun looking at all the photos of celebrities of all eras accepting their stars on the walk of fame and receiving different accolades and such. I cannot wait to go back and oogle all the loveliness again !

After the amazing adventure through the 4 floors of the museum we'd managed to work up quite an appetite and braved the walk to one of my favorite places to people watch and eat some delicious sushi, Kabuki.

As my luck would have it the minute we walked out of the restaurant the wind kicked up and bit and it started to sprinkle and we had to hurry a bit on the walk back to my car, which now seemed so much further away. We made it back safely and decided then to visit The Griffith Observatory, a place I'd seen the outside of so many times, but never stepped my foot inside.

It was so cold and windy and the rain was spitting down, but the Hollywood lights below were still as beautiful as ever, and although our visit to the observatory was short it was lovely. What architecture!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Very Belated Birthday Post

I cannot believe it's halfway through February and I've yet to make a post this year. I started a New Year Post, and never finished it. Forget Christmas this year. I do have a Hollywood Museum post that I have had sitting my my queue I suppose I just forgot to publish. Time just keeps getting away from me.

That seems like it is going to be a theme this year for me, now that I am aged twenty five, whole years old. Time is just something that fleets so much quicker then I can handle, but I will do my best to keep enduring on anyway.

I tend to enjoy a pretty easy birthday. I actually enjoy spending it alone, eating my favorite foods, curled up watching some of my favorite films in some kind of extravagant outfit I never have a chance to wear out, and reflect a bit on the fact I am now a year older.

This year however my mother demanded on taking me out, so after my traditional blueberry muffins for breakfast....

and my mother and father unloading their lovely gifts upon me (A few autobiographies, a bakelite bracelet, a diamond candle, a 25 sterling charm for my charm bracelet, two flats of my beloved altoids, a gorgeous 1940's red cape and a new canon camera to capture the rest of the day with) we headed over to The Orange Circle, where I had not been for quite awhile, which is strange because one would think my love for everything vintage would cause me to gravitate there much more frequently.

Anyhow, I hadn't been since probably my high school years, and enjoyed walking through a handful of vintage stores and antique malls, pretending I was in 'That Thing You Do'. If you haven't seen (what I consider a modern classic, although I suppose it's not exactly modern anymore) the film, it's absolutely one of the funnest movies I can think of and the Orange Circle is rather famous for the filming taking place there.(And they won't let you forget it!) I found so many things I wanted! I know the first place I'll go if I win the lottery, the antique mall with the case full of bakelite bangles! I nearly had a heart attack.

Stopped into the adorable record store where I chatted with the owner about my love of Elvis.

We ate a late lunch at Watson's drug store, I can honestly say I hadn't had a meal that made me so full so very quickly in a very long time. I even got a cream soda, and it was absolutely out-of-this-world. The server was really nice and I was relieved to skip a restaurant where they'd try to sing me happy birthday. I was a little sore they were out of my bubble gum cigarettes.. but I suppose I kicked that habit so maybe it's for the best.

The weather got a little cold for my taste so we headed out early and I ended the night with a plate full of french macaroons in-loo of my usual funfetti cake and put on one of my favorite films, 'It Happened One Night'. No better way to end a great day then with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert at their sassiest.

Minnie sure wanted to take a dive into my macaroons, and I couldn't blame her. I think I might be a Merely Sweets addict. In my dreams I eat nothing but french macaroons.