Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A very happy little Christmas

I am already feeling that small sadness creeping over me when the holidays begin to come to a close and the impending decoration clean-up begins to stare you in the face. I love Christmastime, although here in Sunny Southern California we never get that Christmas weather we so desperately try to fake.

Being an only child there's an even greater amount of time spent with my parents during the last two months of the year which went better than usual this year, (Which I attribute to my recent affinity for baking).

We had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas eve at home listening to Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra, drinking eggnog and enjoying a great, warm dinner before opening our presents.

This was Gidget's first Christmas and she could not have been more bewildered by the entire event.

I was very excited and thankful for my new record player, and a brand new faux fur throw that my mother had found for me. Those along with a vintage red wicker purse, a Betsey Johnson ring, A Dicken's Christmas Volume and two of my favorite Howard Keel films (Calamity Jane, & the newly released Warner Brothers gem Texas Carnival) are now being made room for in my already packed living space. (I really need to do more cleaning soon.)

After a few of our silly traditions, for example giving my mother her yearly loofah, and kissing the Christmas toad we settled into our own respective rooms, where I furthered my celebrating by watching some favorite holiday films, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street & White Christmas.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings, and I enjoyed some more of my seasonal favorite eggnog before being dragged off to a rather crowded Christmas service. Than we allowed ourselves an hour or so to relax before setting off to Pasadena for our massively frenetic family get together. This year our family decided to do their first ever ugly sweater photo, and my younger cousins created awards to be given out for the most outstanding Christmas-wear. I personally skipped the traditional sweater, and used my creative bone to repurpose a fantastic vintage tree skirt into a 50's inspired circle skirt.

All in all the Holiday was rather beautiful, and as always I am sad to see it go.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Conan is the one for me.

Life an early Christmas present my friend Monica managed to finally get us tickets to see a taping of Conan, Conan O'Brien's TBS talk show in Burbank on Monday. I've had a crush on Conan for years, and have wanted to see him for ages, so I was so ecstatic when Monday came around. 

However, I was a bit under the weather still, I would not let that bring me down. We drove around my old Hollywood neighborhood, grabbed some amazing Astro Burger for lunch, than back to WB studios for the taping.

The waiting was light, and the trek through the backlot while reading some of the pictures filmed in each studio was so enjoyable for me. Monica & I decided we'd look into the studio tour to see more of the historic studio in the new year. 

The taping seemed to fly by, I wasn't very aware of who the guests were but just watching the show was a little glimpse into that entertainment world magic that is oh so enticing to me.  We even made it on tv, which is always a fun memory there, frozen in time. 

We ended the night at Kabuki with sushi and cocktails before returning back to our boring normal lives. 

I cannot wait to go again!   ;)

We're famous!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gidget is the one for me.

After almost a month with the dog I 'saved' from grabbing her off the freeway onramp, I am entirely smitten with my little Gidget.

It's funny how having a pet so entirely can change your schedule around, although I must say things are rather smashing at present. (minus clinging on unknown sickness, still being tested.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

October, I miss you already.

I think I can honestly say that October has become my favorite month of the year.

With the final arrival of sweater weather, Halloween shenanigans and warm cider beverages there is nothing but beauty to be found in October.

Nearly two weeks into November and I find myself wishing that instead we could just let October last a whole 60 days instead.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Off To See The Wizard

I had the most pleasant night at my old High School auditorium seeing a brilliant production of The Wizard of Oz with my mum on Friday night. It was rather surprising actually how good it was, and I am always thrilled to see any theatre productions with heart and community behind it. Local arts are important and underfunded and under-supported in every way. And seeing one of my all-time favorite films/musicals adapted in a a new way with a great cast was the perfect way to spend a chilly October night.

I desperately want more evenings like this one.

I even made some last minute cookies before hand to enjoy with our coffee and tea.



follow the yellow brick road ...




Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Film Night: Tea for Two

Watched Tea for Two on Netflix instant streaming. A film with Doris Day and Gordon MacRae can never be entirely bad in my book. I'm still not sure I entirely understand the plot, but that's okay.

He's so dreamy, and her wardrobe is entirely to DIE FOR. I can't say I loved the music, however I did love MacRae's velvety voice.  Shall definitely give it another watch within the next few weeks for a better evaluation.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modern Love Affairs: Paul F Tompkins

Last friday night was something I'd been looking forward to for quite some time. A month or two ago I acquired some free tickets to see one of my very favorite comedians Mr. Paul F Tompkins, taping his first hour long special for comedy central at a very cool, art deco venue called the Alex Theatre in Glendale.
I wish we didn't get stuck in traffic on the way there, because I would have loved to explore the theatre more. Shall have to make time to go back again in the near future!

The show itself was simply brilliant, which was not surprising. Mr. Tompkins is one of the smartest, most original people in comedy these days and I am undeniably smitten. I invited my friend Monica, who had absolutely no idea who or what was going on, and by the end of the night I think she became a fan, herself.

Since it was a taping it was a little more awkward than your typical comedy club show. We were on a list so we got to skip the big long line and got some amazing seats about 10 rows back in the center, along the aisle. The roaming camera guy would pop into our faces if we giggled too much which was all together a stranger experience than I've had at other tapings. You feel like you no longer know how to laugh, or how your face reacts when you're done laughing. Similar to when you're uncomfortable somewhere and suddenly forget how to do anything with your arms, and shift around strangely never feeling just right. Ultimately, it didn't ruin anything about the fabulous show, it just made it a more unique experience to say the least.

Also, Monica and I had a good time laughing about my bumblebee yellow dress, against the crowd's almost entirely gray/black ensembles. Sometimes I forget not everyone is such an eccentric dresser as myself. On top of that our unplanned outfits of red & yellow clashing in one of my least favorite color combinations ketchup & mustard. (We both agreed at least it wasn't red & green, Christmas when it is not Christmas is real hard for me.)

Now, I shall anticipate the special being aired on television for a repeat viewings and more belly laughs.






My childish sense of humour thought someone's WiFi was ridiculous, and I giggled about every time it popped up over the few hours we sat there. The older I get, I seem to be becoming more and more exceedingly silly.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Inspired iPhone Apps

Being a person who is enamored with all things old, character driven and different, technology isn't always seen as a positive in my eyes. Feeling the stress of trying to plugs things in, and understand all the mumbo-jumbo that comes along with it ends up feeling unnecessary and unwelcome. 

However, as a self proclaimed early adopter and vehement obsessor of all things Apple, I've been compiling the following list for the last few days. A list of vintage inspired applications for the iPhone and some of the faux-retro fun that can be recreated with modern resources. It seems appropriate with the untimely passing of the visioneer Steve Jobs to post this list today. 

I received my first iMac in junior high as a present from my Aunt and Uncle. I was one of the first people in high school to own an iPod, when people had no idea how to fathom what they were. I am writing this on my new iMac, from a draft I assembled on my iPhone 4.  Steve Jobs not only gave us technology, he gave us new ways to live alongside it. Ways to take pictures of memories before they pass us by, seeing someone when a voice doesn't seem enough or the magic that comes from being able to touch an interface so beautifully and thoughtfully organized. 

Apple is the only major company that provides untouchable quality with real style and branding that is more than just it's product. Buying something from an Apple store is a swanky, smooth experience that's enjoyable in a way all it's own. Unwrapping an Apple product is more exciting and fulfilling than a Christmas present, and I will always be an early adopter and a fan of what Jobs has started in this technological revolution. The integration of technology into everyday society, wrapped into a very pretty box can dwindle down to one man and his amazing vision.

A man who has truly changed the way we live our lives and opened a new future of beautiful possibilities, rest in peace Steve. Thank You. 


Vintage Inspired iPhone Apps


TCM - $1.99
One of my personal favorite, and most frequently used iPhone necessities is this Turner Classic Movies application. It does cost ya 2 dollars, but for a fanatic like myself it's worth it to be able to file through their schedule while on the go and spying what I might want to catch over the next few days. Be Forewarned that though the times are in the correct order, they might not correlate with the exact time in your time zone, depending on your cable/television provider and location. I have Time Warner and the time is always two hours before, so just take note if that's also the case where you live.


Hipstamatic - $1.99
For just 1.99 Hipstamatic is a blessing and a curse. I have not been easily addicted to many applications, but this one really got me. With Hipstamatic you can take photos live in app, with a variety of different film types, lenses and flash bulbs. They get you started with a few of each, than have about 10 different HipstaPaks with a plethora of different lenses, add-on flashes, film types and camera bodies for .99 cents a piece. Once I started I just couldn't stop. If you don't mind tossing a ten spot at an app, or can settle with one filter and stick with it Hipstamatic is a ton of fun that really uses the functionality of the iPhone in a way that the other apps just don't. However, if you gotta watch your wallet Instagram is no shabby second place. 


Instagram - $FREE
Instagram is a free, addictive app that will allow you to take photos live in the application itself or choose photos from your library to add effects to, than upload to your live feed. From your account you can add friends from Twitter or Facebook, view, favorite and comment on their feeds' photos, or browse through the most favorited photos of the moment. You can't complain much about this one, the only real downfall is that since you're adding the effects after the photos been taken, they tend to stop being exciting more quickly than some apps. However, if you get enough friends being able to share photos regularly, it's quite a ball.


Ttv Camera Basic - $FREE (Ttv Basic $.99)
Similar to Hipstamtic and Instagram, Ttv Camera Basic is a simple app to take low quality photos with a vintage feel. Choose to shoot your photo in sepia, black and white, or 3 other color palettes (More choices are unlocked if you purchase the full, Ttv Basic version for 99 cents). Fun for free photo-taking, but I'd skip on the full Ttv Basic version and put that dollar towards another HipPak on Hipstamatic.


VintagePhone - $FREE 
Okay, it's pointless. Sure, you may never use it. However, it's free, it's fun and just listening to the sounds as you dial can bring a smile to any vintage enthusiasts face.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired: Bowties

My self-diagnosed anglophilia mixed with my innate nerd tendencies coalesce in one great love of mine : Doctor Who. I have a great and insatiable passion for this brilliant BBC show, and have since the series' re-introduction a few years back with the always dreamy Christopher Eccleston, continued by the also fabulous David Tennant.

Anywho, since the newest doctor, Matt Smith's induction we've been force fed the bowtie, and in honor of the season finale on Saturday I convinced myself to wear a slightly Whovian ensemble to my very sweet Aunt Rebecca's birthday party.

I had to do some playing around, and pinning with the 70's era tie I'd acquired from my grandmother's vast, unique collection so it wasn't ideal but at least I have some ideas for next time.

Here's some of my favorite inspiration shots from the series, followed by my silly self.

A long day, but made it home from the two hour drive with two minutes to spare to enjoy the show.

My vote on the everyday wearability of the female bowtie is still out, but I'll keep trying cause bowties are cool.