Sunday, October 21, 2012

My introduction into waist training

So as many of us ladies all do I've always had some problems with my body. Years of dieting, and being a vegetarian/pescatarian and different workout trends and all of that have done me some good and bad here and there but I have finally decided to venture into something that I've been wanting to do for ages, which is waist training. I've never had as much of a waist as I desire for my pinup style dresses and such so here I am.Now I've been taking it real easy. I have been keeping my corset on anywhere from one or two hours somedays, to 8 or 10 others. I am doing my best to take it slow, and keep from inciting any tears or pain.

I've had a lot of questions on instagram and a few emails asking questions about what I'm doing, my goals and where I got my corsets and what have you so I'm going to try to be more diligent about posting on here and keeping you all updated.

Now I'm only a novice, so don't take my word for anything at all. I'm certainly not a doctor.

I'll get to more in later posts but for today I'll stick to the corsets.

So, about the corsets. I was given a few suggestions a while back on what I should be looking for in a beginners corset and brands that were a good bet if I didn't want to invest too much to start off with. Of course I'd love to jump right into having a lovely custom corset but right now that's just not something I can afford. So I had to zero in on my basics. For waist training I knew I wanted something under-bust, and foremost needed something fully steel boned, which is surprisingly more difficult to find than you'd think. I had to pull out my glasses to really read the fine print on some descriptions, it's shocking the amount of plastic boned corsets, but hey - don't let me digress into my distaste for the lack of quality in the majority of modern clothing. Besides, I suppose not everyone is looking for a bit of body modification.

The one on the left here I've had a few years. I bought it for my annual trips to the renaissance faire, and being me I made sure to buy something relatively authentic that I could invest in for years to come. I found it on amazon,  i know there are a few other similar looking ones on there as well so be forewarned to investigate the product details because those are not real leather or steel boned. I used this corset for the first few days of my waist training, only for a few hours a day because god, it is not breathable. You cannot see it in this photo either but it is actually a halter style and it just makes longer wear far more uncomfortable than it should be. Although if you are only going to wear it a few hours, it's pretty swell I however would highly suggest skipping this one if you're in the market for a waist training corset.

You can find this first corset here: Click Click

Now the one on the right is my new corset, a much smaller number by Playgirl White Label. After reading loads of reviews and online blogs and on and on I decided this one would be a good next step for me and my budget. I first saw it on another 'boutique' website for quite a bit more, but rejoiced when I found this one on Amazon as well. Now I've only had this one two days so I can't fully elaborate but so far this corset is rather comfortable and I've had little discomfort besides the normal awkwardness that comes with corsets in general.

You can find this second corset here: Click Click

At this point I haven't had any noticeable results yet, but I haven't been wearing a corset the majority of the day by any means up to this point. Like I said earlier, I'm taking it a little slow. I'd rather ease myself into it and take my time. I keep reading it over and over that corseting should not be an overnight endeavor so I'm going to do my best to be patient and remember that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ticket to the Twenties

One weekend every year in September is set aside for one of my favorite small, quaint and very fun events themed in one of my favorite decades. The Ticket to the Twenties festival takes place on a few afternoon hours on Saturday and Sunday, on the beautiful historic grounds of the Homestead Museum in City of  Industry, California, and is an event I look forward to all year.

Now unlike your Gatsby Afternoon, or 'costume/theme required' events Ticket to the Twenties is not themed to a T, and most of the attendants are not only not in appropriate attire but you can buy food from food trucks and they use modern microphones, but that doesn't stop me from just scrunching my eyes and still pretending I've gone back in my time machine.

The event consists of two different areas for live music on different ends of the grounds, a theatre for viewing short silent films with live accompaniment, outdoor areas for vintage fashion shows, buying and perusing vintage goods and beautiful old automobiles, spots for learning mah-jong or to play the ukulele not to mention tours of the two homes on the premises, the gorgeous old gazebo and the gift shop full of cute, vintage inspired goods.
This year it was unfortunate that they weekend the festival fell on was a very, very uncomfortably hot weekend and therefore the outfit I had planned to wear would just not do. (certainly too warm to pull out my fur) So although my fashion suffered a blow, the day was still so fun.

Ticket to the Twenties is one of the few themed things my mother even enjoys, so it's always interesting dragging her along. This year she saw her very first Buster Keaton short! It almost felt like I was introducing my mum to my new boyfriend... well in my dreams I suppose.

Besides the Buster Keaton short (which we happened to see by chance, so I felt very lucky to have accidentally chosen it!) my favorite part of the event is always sitting on my vintage oriental silk mat on the grass and listening to Dean Mora's band. They really encompass the style and tone of the old days that I long for, though I never experienced it. I cannot stress how I long to see them more, and that anyone who enjoys old tunes really should check them out.

So until I find my time machine, or find friends who long for the old days as much as I do I will just keep looking forward to these weekends that are my tickets to the twenties.

Find out more about what I mentioned in this post at:
Homestead Museum
Mora's Modern Music