Friday, June 29, 2012

Nightcap: a Hollywood pilot taping

Yesterday one of my favorite dames Monica & I headed to Hollywood for a pilot taping for one of our most favorite comedians Paul F Tompkins.  The pilot is called Nightcap, a weekly evening half-hour program with a panel of guests comically discussing current matters of the day. 

We've got our fingers crossed that the pilot gets picked up, we could all use more PFT in our lives. To see more about Paul and his amazing comedy go here:

The taping was at Hollywood Center Studios, where I had actually never been before so it was a fun new adventure for me to experience. Hollywood Center Studios was built in 1919, and at it's inception silent films were made there including films starring Mae West and Harold Llyod. I was surprised to find out Jean Harlow's first starring film, "Hell's Angels" was filmed there in the twenties. "Pennies from Heaven"with Bing Crosby, and "The Howards of Virginia"(with one of the most dashing men of all time, Cary Grant), and The television show "Ozzie & Harriet" (Ricky Nelson <3) are also on the lot's list of credits along with Shirley Temple's film debut. There are even stories of the Studios being haunted by a studio electrician who fell from the rafters at a wrap party in the forties!

Most personally meaningful to me, the first two seasons of "I Love Lucy" were taped at Hollywood Center Studios on Stage 2. Sometimes it's hard for me to comprehend walking in the same spaces that some of my most admired stars once did, especially when it comes to Lucille.

Incase that does not impress you, some more recent films that were filmed at the lot include: Inventing the Abbots, The X-Men, Zoolander, I Love You Man, High Fidelity, Dumb and Dumber, A Walk in the Clouds, When Harry Met Sally, Con-Air and Shampoo! (Oh my, Warren Beatty!) True Blood even shot their first season there.

So although the taping was so very fun, I even more thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the studio itself and some of the history behind it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Days of Sweet Tooths & Cinemas

So I'm generally a salty foods gal, my go to snack is popcorn & it is my absolute favorite! However, sometimes I get in moods where all I want to eat is something fantastically sweet!

The last two days have been really dominated by my raging sweet tooth, yesterday all I could bring myself to eat in this hot hot heat, was a bowl of ice cream filled with strawberries! What a perfect start of summer treat. Of course I took some time to lay around with my dogs till my friend Monica and I ended up at the cheap theatre so that we could finally see 21 Jump Street.

Today I got to sleep in real late. (I did stay out late at the movies!) Than I dragged my mom out to the cinema to see Rock of Ages. I know it's getting awful revues but I found it pretty fun and gosh darn enjoyable. However I love most musicals, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

The best part was after the movie we went over to Merely Sweets so that I could drool over all the pretty treats. I left with a red velvet cupcake and two macaroons: salted caramel & lemon. So amazing, I could eat a million macaroons!

I might be dreaming of macaroons dancing to 80's tunes tonight. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sleeping, Thrifting & A Graduation

Have been having a fun few days full of sleeping in ( although doing it mostly because of my feeling rather unwell ) and a few stops at thrift stores in-between attempting to do some rather belated spring cleaning.

On Friday I ended up getting very lucky by finding a perfectly new Betsey Johnson bag for a mere $11 a black dress for $4, some amazing vintage hosiery for $2 and a long teal robe for $5 which was close to something I've been looking for for what feels like forever. It's such a warm, happy feeling when you discover something that you've had your minds eye on, it's a bit like bliss.

After my fantastic quick shopping stop, last night I had to get myself together rather hurriedly and head out to my baby cousin Alexandra's high school graduation. It's so strange that she's old enough to be done with that stage of her life, and is kind of making me feel extra old. I'm very proud of her though, and she sang during their ceremony, just like a chip off the ole' block. Us girls love to get our sing on.

Was hoping to head out to the Besame store grand opening today, but by the time I got home from all the festivities last night my body was just denying any waking up before noon. So I guess I'll just have to make that trek in the near future. Today I'll just lounge around in my new robe & ever so slowly get some of that cleaning done.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Film Night: Stage Door Canteen

So tonight I re-watched a great film via-Netflix instant streaming. (Which is seriously, one of God's greatest creations..)

The Film is a 1943 timecapsule, Stage Door Canteen.

Stage Door Canteen tells the story of three girls who work at a canteen to help entertain and show a good time to soldiers on leave in their city and what happens over a few days of their lives. My grandmother used to do just the same as these women as a youngster and spent a good deal of her time making friends with enlisted men coming through their city. It's a story of hers I always have found most interesting, so this is a movie I feel a special affinity towards since it reminds me of her.

As many wartime films, this one does have a bit of a propaganda feel towards the end, but it all comes with the story, it really reminds you to think of the time and all the sacrifice the country made. 

No spoilers, but it's got and ending that truly tugs at my heart strings. 

Not to mention it's a blast to try and point out all the stars who pop their heads into the canteen. There's loads of cameos by stars of the time who take their turns in entertaining the troops, including Harpo Marx, Ed Wynn, Gypsy Rose Lee, Katherine Hepburn & a really great number by Ray Bolger.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thrifting on the Last Day of May

Since I have an open schedule, (Having no real job is fun!) I decided to spend the day at one of my favorite local thrift stores, Savers. I ended up spending about three hours, which for me constitutes an exceedingly short trip. I tried to keep myself focused on a few item ideas and stick to that. (although, let's be serious. At-least where I'm concerned, that NEVER works.)

Had a pretty successful trip, grabbed too many things I don't need, then got to hang out with my sweet little dog. Pretty swell indeed.

Now I've got so much laundry and cleaning to catch up on. It looks like the fun part of my weekend has already passed.