Saturday, May 26, 2012

5.26 A day in Instagram

Yesterday I had a great day of running silly errands around town. Some grocery shopping, returning rental movies... not the funnest of things to be shopping for. However I did take some time out to stop by one of my few favorite retail stores, Nordstrom Rack to see if they had any of my beloved Betsey Johnson items that I just needed. I got lucky and found two rings that I had skipped on in the past at over 50% off. Only $40 for the pair, which just had me tickled.

My late night walk with the dogs was rather beautiful to make the day even better. The sunset was pink and just absolutely gorgeous! One of those that cameras just cant seem to capture.

From what I can gather it's a great start to the long holiday weekend.


  1. Gorgeous costume jewellery, bigger the better with cocktail rings!

  2. I wish they had a betsy johnson near me. I've really grown to love her stuff n those rings n knecklace is gorgeous.

  3. Love the jewellery, gorgeous!

  4. Oh what's your Instagram name? I'd love to follow you there :) xx