Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dapper Day Fall 2013

Another Dapper Day at Disneyland had come and passed. This fall day was a real doozy, during a bit of a heatwave with humid nearly 100 degree weather it was pretty hard to feel too dapper, but we all did our best. 

After the drama of my dress breaking the day or so before and the warm weather I wanted to be a little more casual then dapper days of the past, not out of want but necessity. I decided to stow the furs and glitz away for next time when I can actually enjoy wearing them. 

It's really been amazing seeing how each event becomes more and more crowded in attendance, and now with the addition of 'dapper disney bounding' the creativity level has just gone through the roof. I love looking at everybody's outfits and what they've managed to come up with. 

I've started to feel a bit like Dapper Day has become a new 'Halloween' for me, where once it's over I just start planning for next time. Constantly looking at the antique malls and thrift stores for that something extra special that will be used at dapper day. And now the countdown begins till February... 

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