Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to Disneyland Captain

So, as the total superhero fan I am I had to go to Disneyland and Disneybound the newest Marvel Avenger to arrive at Innoventions, Steve Rogers himself on the first official day the meet and greet would be open to the public. 

To be honest I am just always looking for a themed day to dress up for, planning a special outfit for a special day is one of my favorite pleasures.... But being the 1940's enthusiast I am Captain America really taps into a whole database of outfit potential for me. 

However, when going to Disney you can't go the full costume route, and although I was tempted to channel Peggy Carter and wear my military-esque green jacket and pencil skirt, it just seemed a little too formal for even myself at a theme park... but hey, maybe next time. 

We didn't have to wait long at all, and as usual Disney did not disappoint us. The Captain loved our red, white and blue ensembles and complained about modern technology with me. I think I might be even more anxious for Winter Soldier to come out now ;)

We might have went in to see Thor twice though... I can't help it. 
I might have a problem.

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