Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dapper Day Spring: Prom Princesses 2015

Dapper Day at Disneyland has become one of my most anticipated dress-up events of the year, and lucky for me it is bi-annual. My girlfriends and I started planning these outfits nearly as soon as Fall Flapper Day(you can see my last blog post for more on that) had concluded. 

Usually Dapper Day lands on one of the hottest days of the year, no matter if it's Fall or Spring, unfortunately this time there was a threat of rain and some light showers throughout the day, so it wasn't exactly what we had been praying for, but it was lovely none-the-less. 

Since I dress up more than most people on a day-to-day basis this event I really wanted to do something a little bigger and frillier and fancier than the usual, so we landed on Prom Princesses. Basically we envisioned what some of our favorite Disney ladies would have worn if they attended a prom in the 1950's. I never went to my prom, so I made sure to push the idea of tiaras and corsages so I'd get to relive something I never personally experienced. I set out all my accessories days before just to enjoy looking at them.

I chose Cinderella as my princess since I've been so excited for the new movie, and I had the bottom half of a vintage prom dress that had belonged to my grandmother. The top had been irreplaceabley damaged but the skirt was still pretty immaculate, just a few age spots I did my best to clean and hide. I made the top, found the tiara, choker and gloves on eBay for only a few dollars, and the purse was a vintage find from a while back. All together it came together well and I only spent about $20, plus the clear dome umbrella I found at Target the day before. 

After hiding from the rain in the wonderful Dapper Day expo for a while and perusing all the lovely wares on sale we headed into the the park eager to work on our long planned prom poses. We had our eyes set on taking photos in front of the castle and prayed desperately that wouldn't be ruined by the impending rain.

In the past we never seem to be able to make it to the Disneybound meet-up group photo so this event we planted ourselves in front of the castle plenty early to people watch and see all the creative outfits everyone managed to put together. There were so many Disneybounds this year, they might have outnumbered the theme-less dappers. 

We made reservations for the Cathay Circle restaurant again, as we did last Dapper Day, for some drinks and yummy food. Then finished the night off back at Disneyland, where I had a dance with the Mouse himself. 

Although I had a migraine most of the day and some of the weather dampened my already troublesome hair, it was so much fun to be a little extra fancy with my gals and meet so many lovely people. I haven't started planning my Fall outfit yet, but I've got a few ideas. 

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  1. How wonderful to hear more about spring dapper day, you and the rest of the prom princesses look absolutely gorgeous!