Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ticket to the Twenties

This last Saturday, September 10 - I dragged my poor mother(my lack of friends interested in the things that interest me in saddening) to the Ticket to the Twenties weekend festival at the Workman Temple Homestead Museum in the City of Industry.

It was a very casual, but quaint and utterly enjoyable event with a plethora of 1920's-esque activities to partake in from mah-jong tutorials, a 20's era fashions runway show, and live music to tours of the Workman Temple Homestead's gorgeous property by the museum's docents and volunteers. The main house had the most beautiful stain glass windows, including one I absolutely adored of Master Shakespeare! Personally, although I can never find a fault with gorgeous 20's tunes being performed right in front of my eyes, my favorite stop of the day was to see some stunningly entertaining silent films that were accompanied in the small conference room on piano. It was so precious and I enjoyed every second of the quirky shorts!

After we'd sufficiently scoured the premises, toured the two open buildings, watched our silent films and peeked through the gift shop(where my mother purchased me a brilliant reprint of an old greeting card that I can't wait to start using as a new bookmark!) we sauntered back to the pavilion we entered near to enjoy the last hour of Dean Mora & his Modern Rhythmists, while I sat on my antique oriental satin rug and munched some delectable kettle corn purchased on site.

My only complaint would be that 'costumes' are not required since it's a free, community centered affair, so you can pass a perfectly 1920's dressed group than be thrown out of your fantasy entirely by a family in jeans and dingy sweatshirts- but that's just me being a picky perfectionist.

The day was short seeing as how the Saturday-Sunday festival lasted a short few hours open from 3-7 both days. No matter the amount of time I thoroughly enjoyed myself, having any reason to dress up and use some of my vintage pieces that I can't work into everyday wardrobe here in Southern California(like grandmother's fox stole...) is absolutely amazing.

I was certainly disappointed when it was time to go home. 

I cannot wait to attend next year, & hopefully I'll have my swing skills back by then and can get some use out of these dancing shoes.   ;)

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