Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A very happy little Christmas

I am already feeling that small sadness creeping over me when the holidays begin to come to a close and the impending decoration clean-up begins to stare you in the face. I love Christmastime, although here in Sunny Southern California we never get that Christmas weather we so desperately try to fake.

Being an only child there's an even greater amount of time spent with my parents during the last two months of the year which went better than usual this year, (Which I attribute to my recent affinity for baking).

We had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas eve at home listening to Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra, drinking eggnog and enjoying a great, warm dinner before opening our presents.

This was Gidget's first Christmas and she could not have been more bewildered by the entire event.

I was very excited and thankful for my new record player, and a brand new faux fur throw that my mother had found for me. Those along with a vintage red wicker purse, a Betsey Johnson ring, A Dicken's Christmas Volume and two of my favorite Howard Keel films (Calamity Jane, & the newly released Warner Brothers gem Texas Carnival) are now being made room for in my already packed living space. (I really need to do more cleaning soon.)

After a few of our silly traditions, for example giving my mother her yearly loofah, and kissing the Christmas toad we settled into our own respective rooms, where I furthered my celebrating by watching some favorite holiday films, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street & White Christmas.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings, and I enjoyed some more of my seasonal favorite eggnog before being dragged off to a rather crowded Christmas service. Than we allowed ourselves an hour or so to relax before setting off to Pasadena for our massively frenetic family get together. This year our family decided to do their first ever ugly sweater photo, and my younger cousins created awards to be given out for the most outstanding Christmas-wear. I personally skipped the traditional sweater, and used my creative bone to repurpose a fantastic vintage tree skirt into a 50's inspired circle skirt.

All in all the Holiday was rather beautiful, and as always I am sad to see it go.


  1. That red dress is utterly amazing! And I can't seem to follow your blog for some reason, do you know how to?

    -Paige Virginia

    1. You know I'm awful at figuring out some of this computer stuff. All I know is when I add other blogs to follow I have to do it from my blogger home page?

      And thank you about the house dress! The fabric is looking a little dated but I am hoping I can take it somewhere one of these days and they can try to replicate it. :)

  2. Hmm, okay. I'll try it that way, I'm not sure how but I'll try! haha. I wanted to follow a long time ago but I couldn't figure it out because nowhere on your page has a follow button and I'm pretty bad with technology as well.

    As for the dress I hope someone can replicate it because it is too gorgeous to let go of!