Monday, January 2, 2012

Adventures in Doughnut-Making

I always spend New Years at home. I don't know why but that's one day I've never enjoyed spending out and about or doing too much partying. I find it much more enjoyable to start out the new year sans hangover in my own home.

Anyway, I usually spend the evening watching the Twilight Zone marathon, however this year my dear friend Monica came over after work and we watched North and South, our absolute favorite! Than I was back to my Twilight Zone, and a few old big band records.

However, after a relaxing day at home watching movies yesterday, today I have been running around like mad taking the dogs for a walk, cleaning, getting ready for all the Christmas decoration take down and trying out my brand new donut maker.

It came with a little recipe booklet so I went with their Buttermilk spice donut(although I added a little icing of my own recipe, instead of their cinnamon sugar mixture) and for a first go I think I did A-OK.

I definitely ended up munching on a few too many today, they were just too good, and ended up with a bit of a sweet overdose. (Which if you must overdose, is always the best kind.)

I can't wait to try the chocolate donuts recipe soon!

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