Friday, June 22, 2012

Days of Sweet Tooths & Cinemas

So I'm generally a salty foods gal, my go to snack is popcorn & it is my absolute favorite! However, sometimes I get in moods where all I want to eat is something fantastically sweet!

The last two days have been really dominated by my raging sweet tooth, yesterday all I could bring myself to eat in this hot hot heat, was a bowl of ice cream filled with strawberries! What a perfect start of summer treat. Of course I took some time to lay around with my dogs till my friend Monica and I ended up at the cheap theatre so that we could finally see 21 Jump Street.

Today I got to sleep in real late. (I did stay out late at the movies!) Than I dragged my mom out to the cinema to see Rock of Ages. I know it's getting awful revues but I found it pretty fun and gosh darn enjoyable. However I love most musicals, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

The best part was after the movie we went over to Merely Sweets so that I could drool over all the pretty treats. I left with a red velvet cupcake and two macaroons: salted caramel & lemon. So amazing, I could eat a million macaroons!

I might be dreaming of macaroons dancing to 80's tunes tonight. 


  1. Your makeup with those glasses is simply perfection! You look so much like Gwen Stefani by the way!

  2. The cakes, the colors, the sunglasses - just beautiful pics!