Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Film Night: Stage Door Canteen

So tonight I re-watched a great film via-Netflix instant streaming. (Which is seriously, one of God's greatest creations..)

The Film is a 1943 timecapsule, Stage Door Canteen.

Stage Door Canteen tells the story of three girls who work at a canteen to help entertain and show a good time to soldiers on leave in their city and what happens over a few days of their lives. My grandmother used to do just the same as these women as a youngster and spent a good deal of her time making friends with enlisted men coming through their city. It's a story of hers I always have found most interesting, so this is a movie I feel a special affinity towards since it reminds me of her.

As many wartime films, this one does have a bit of a propaganda feel towards the end, but it all comes with the story, it really reminds you to think of the time and all the sacrifice the country made. 

No spoilers, but it's got and ending that truly tugs at my heart strings. 

Not to mention it's a blast to try and point out all the stars who pop their heads into the canteen. There's loads of cameos by stars of the time who take their turns in entertaining the troops, including Harpo Marx, Ed Wynn, Gypsy Rose Lee, Katherine Hepburn & a really great number by Ray Bolger.

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