Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A very snowy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. 

Well that's what I always say, and I think I mean it. 

But what I've finally come to realize is what I truly love is the month of October, the month long 'celebration' and build up to the thirty-first. 
I love dressing up in a costume, that should be obvious, I love an excuse to eat candy, I love my little annual Halloween traditions like watching Thriller & The Lost Boys, carving my pumpkin and making carmel corn with my mother. 

When it comes to my costumes for the past 8 years or so I've tried to either find something vintage that is spectacular or make something myself. My first thought this year was a robot, I tend to gravitate towards costumes that allow me to do make-up I can't get away with on the average day. However, the outfit I had just didn't look the way I planned it out in my head and I had to come up with something new.

So, being the Snow White enthusiast I am and not wanting to repeat or look like everyone else in the traditional red, blue and yellow gown I decided to put together my own version of Snow's rags dress in the beginning of the film.

Now, since I had already bought items for a first costume I had to keep to a pretty small budget. I made the top in one night from a vintage brown top & an old pillowcase. 
I however did have to whip out ye olde credit card to buy the fabric and supplies to make the skirt, bow and poison apple. 

For the poison apple I found an amazingly easy blog post (that I will link right here when I find it again!) which was a very fun one night project. The skirt and bow took a few hours, mostly because my sewing machine's tension got all messed up and I had to resort to no-sew methods for a few bits and pieces. 

Anywho, it's not perfect but considering I completed the whole bit in a few days and only spent $19 I'm rather pleased.

what do ya' think?

I won't even start with the lack of costume cooperation from the pups this year. WHY can't they love dressing up as much as I do?! such disappointments ;)

Until next year Halloween. I'll start planning my costume now.


  1. Lovely costume (very impressive sewing skills!) and fab hair and make-up!


  2. I wish Australians celebrated Halloween. Everyone in the US puts so much creativity into costumes. You look so beautiful, you could jump right onto the set of a new SNow White film. Your make up is immaculate :D