Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We all have Guilty Pleasures

Now that it's November I have decided to work my way up to Thanksgiving by being a little more introspective about not only what I am thankful for but things I wish to change, or re-evaluating exactly what I think it means to be me and what I want to continue to hold important. It's probably just a part of that 'quarter-life crisis' I seems to have come down with.

Anywho, in this post I thought I'd share my top 5 'guilty pleasures'. I wouldn't say I actually feel 'guilty' about them, it's more along the lines that I think of them as 'time killers' The activities that I find myself spending much longer then I had intended on and wondering where my day has gone.

5. Saved eBay Searches
As I'm sure most of us do on our search for those one-of-a-kind vintage items I can blow quite a the many hours just re-searching through my top saved searches. Some of my go-to's are: vintage 30's dress, vintage charm bracelet and Howard Keel. :)

4. Old Disneyland/Disney World photos.

Now This is a pretty obvious one. Of course I would love this because it's two of my greatest interests put together! But it's amazing how many hours can vanish when I really get to digging through the online archives of strangers and their old Disney memories. And when I say old I mean from it's inception up to the mid 90's, I can get sucked into all of it. Throw Aladdin or Snow White in there and I could be gone for days. Although I love the old professional shots and concept art my favorites are peoples' personal snapshots. It's funny how we can pose the same places in nearly the same fashion now and it can look exactly the same and entirely different at the same time.

3. Podcasts

Since I spend a lot of time at home or near an iphone or ipad and I happen to harbor quite a fear of a thing called silence I have really grown attached to listening to podcasts. Since there are now so many different genres you can find a podcast for nearly anything under the sky. It all started for me with This American Life & Uhh Yeah Dude, but I've become quite the fan of giving just about anything a shot.

My current most listened to shows are: (A countdown within a countdown!)
5. The Smartest Man in the World
4. Dead Authors
3. Inside the Magic
2. Big Band Serenade
1. Comedy Bang Bang

2. Instagram

Enough said. Even with all the spam now I just can't keep myself off it. It's a problem.

1. Wedding Videos.

yeah, I know. I can't not love it. & I am talking all of them.

My first stop is always to check for new Disney related proposals first and foremost, but I genuinely watch them ALL. I love the moment when the girl knows it's real and something clicks and you can see that she knows what's happening and it's so magnetic.

I've spent so many hours on vimeo because it's chock-full of wedding related films and I'm obsessed with the HD quality. For a girl who's never even had a real relationship, and basically never had the slightest interest in marriage at all at some point I just became obsessed with them. I can be a real critic about them too and I end up giggling to myself about the ridiculousness of me and what I would change or what I thought was best.

A beautiful wedding trailer can bring me to tears in the very best of ways. See, I'm not so cynical after all.

What do you find yourself wasting time on & feeling a bit guilty about?

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  1. Hi There, I love your blog and instagram. It always brightens my day so I've nominated you for a Leibster award. All the details can be found on my blog. Thank you again XXX