Monday, June 3, 2013

An Adventure in Disneybounding

So, as someone who spends their fair share of time traipsing around Disneyland for a while I'd been wanting to take part in the act of Disneybounding. For those unassociated it's basically planning your outfit to be inspired by that of a Disney character. For my first endeavor I had to choose my favorite princess herself, Snow White.

My friend Kate chose Belle, and created herself a lovely yellow hair bow & my red bow headband. My yellow skirt is a California Ranchwear piece I've been hoarding for a few months, and the character shoes I've had for ages, the rest of my outfit was found at Savers for under $10.

There were a few things I would change if I were to tackle her outfit again, but for a first attempt with only a day to put it all together I was quite pleased. I can't wait to Disneybound some more of my favorite characters. ;)

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