Monday, June 3, 2013

Wondercon Adventures 2013

It's that time of year again, and that sweet, albeit sticky(maybe closer to musky) smell of Comic Conventions is in the air.

This year Wondercon suddenly was here and I hadn't planned anything at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when my old SDCC roomie Jennifer asked to stay with me as she was coming down from San Francisco. I knew I hadn't reserved much energy for the weekend so I was glad she would be there to kick me into action a bit more then I would do for myself.

Honestly, conventions always fly by in such a blur, there's so much to talk about but then suddenly it's gone quicker then it had begun and you just have to attempt to gather all the pieces you're left with.

So instead of any sort of in-depth line up, here's my highlights:

Friday: The first day of the convention is always overwhelming, and since there wasn't much in the way of panels that interested me, I spent most of the time on the exhibit floor. Jennifer brought me to the Jason Palmer booth, where we oogled lots of art and I bought too many buttons. We saw the WB Archives Panel with the legendary Ron Ely (Look him up ladies, he used to be Tarzan) and a writer's panel (we had to see Jane Espenson). After the convention we met up with some of Jennifer's Nerd HQ posse at Umami Burger, where I'd never been. They have some pretty stellar sweet potato fries. Then we headed to The Anaheim Grove to see The Nerdist Podcast, which was AMAZING. I actually won the tickets and the whole experience was fun, I have been addicted to that podcast since it's inception so meeting those guys was a-ok.

Saturday: All I cared about Saturday was getting into the Vikings panel. I've been hooked on the new History Channel series since two minutes into the first episode, and I had a hard time containing my adoration. But Conventions are when it's okay to nerd-out, at-least that's what I'm told. I succeeded, and the rest of the day is a total blur.

Sunday: I wore a Star Trek inspired outfit, got called Star Trek Katy Perry too many times to count. Final day of the convention we spent most of the day in The Arena, The Much Ado About Nothing, Nerdist and Arrow Panels were all entertaining. I didn't manage to get an Arrow signing wristband, but my friend Jennifer did so I just stood inside the DC booth and oogled the cast while I waited for her to get her poster signed. (I'm not complaining) I ran into a handful of great people and ended the night at my favorite sushi place.

Lots of things happened in-between, but really who can remember. I only get through these things with the help of Starbucks, oh so much Starbucks.

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  1. You got a pic of Stephen Amell! I love arrow and him of course :) love your blog and instagram xox