Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A very dapper evening at Disneyland

Yes, I've been away from the old blog for a good, long month. After all the chaos I just needed to not document how I feel and just try to shake things off & reload.

There's much to be said, however it will all have to wait because this post is about two very fun words: Dapper Day. Now that I've finally caved and bought a Disneyland pass again I could attend! (Although I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to plan my whole evening out.)

I ended up getting to Disneyland rather late (parking was an absolute nightmare) but what festivities I did take part in were fun indeed.

I was excited to find an excuse to wear my grandmother's stole, it's hard to get away with fur almost anywhere in Southern California. I ended up being a bit too much of a sleepy mess, but now I cannot wait till Spring!

Dapper Day is a bi-annual event that takes place at both Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida.
To find out more about Dapper Day, click here!

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  1. such fun! you look superb in your grandmother's stole. I wish we had a disneyland in australia, we probably will eventually. fingers crossed!