Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 79th Birthday Elvis!

Although I'm not one to usually go out on a Wednesday night, this particular Wednesday night was a different story because it was Elvis's birthday, and Elvis's birthday must be celebrated.

Last year I started attending a few different Elvis 'impersonator' kind of events, and to be honest they are perfectly up my alley in a lot of ways. Some good food, a place to wear some of my more eccentric vintage frocks surrounded by lovable older folks and a place to sit and most importantly watch somebody shake it around like the king himself.

Azteca is a really cute little restaurant that is all Elvis, all year round and it was the perfect place to remember Elvis on his special day. Every space on the wall seems to be covered with some sort of photos or memorabilia, something new catches my eye every visit. Not to mention I stuffed my belly so full of fries and Shirley Temples I could possibly explode, I think the King would have approved.

More about Azteca Restaurant and their event calendar: Click Here

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