Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why The Lady Damfino?

Goodbye Wishing Will Make It So, and Welcome to The Lady Damfino.

One of the questions I most frequently get asked is what my instagram name means or why exactly I chose it, and now that I am changing my blog name as well I suppose I can attempt a bit of an explanation.

As I have a huge, undying adoration for Buster Keaton I chose the name Damfino which was the name of 'the boat' in the short film of the same name in 1921.  It was presumed that Damfino meant 'damn fine'. 

Now, the way I see it I'm not referring to myself as being 'damn fine' but as everything is okay, you better believe it's damn fine. Damfino is nothing but positive affirmation.

So although I did love my old blog name, which had lots of meaning to me just the way it was before... I am more then eager to see where the Lady Damfino takes me.

Lady Damfino, it's all okay, the woman is fine...

And I hope every time you visit my little site you can know that everything truly is fine.

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