Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired: Bowties

My self-diagnosed anglophilia mixed with my innate nerd tendencies coalesce in one great love of mine : Doctor Who. I have a great and insatiable passion for this brilliant BBC show, and have since the series' re-introduction a few years back with the always dreamy Christopher Eccleston, continued by the also fabulous David Tennant.

Anywho, since the newest doctor, Matt Smith's induction we've been force fed the bowtie, and in honor of the season finale on Saturday I convinced myself to wear a slightly Whovian ensemble to my very sweet Aunt Rebecca's birthday party.

I had to do some playing around, and pinning with the 70's era tie I'd acquired from my grandmother's vast, unique collection so it wasn't ideal but at least I have some ideas for next time.

Here's some of my favorite inspiration shots from the series, followed by my silly self.

A long day, but made it home from the two hour drive with two minutes to spare to enjoy the show.

My vote on the everyday wearability of the female bowtie is still out, but I'll keep trying cause bowties are cool.

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